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Most of IRE’s funding came from evaluating CBAE projects, so when Congress stopped funding CBAE at the end of the 2010 fiscal year we had a lot of revenue to replace. Fortunately many clients we helped with new grant applications were funded and we were successful in replacing much of our lost revenue. However, we did not replace enough revenue to continue in our current form. At the same time our founder and chairman of the board Dr. Stan Weed had been looking for a transition plan anyway as he moved into retirement age, and he also wanted to narrow IRE’s focus to our character education curriculum. For these reasons IRE downsized and is now focused solely on its AEGIS character education program. However, all of IRE's project managers are still involved in some way with abstinence education.

Dr. Joseph White formed a new entity called Foundation for Family Life.

Dr. Matt Evans also formed a new entity called Evans Evaluation, which does program evaluation and continues to specialize in evaluating abstinence education programs.

Dr. Paul Birch accepted a position as Assistant Professor of Marriage and Family Therapy at The Chicago School of Professional Psychology—Los Angeles campus. He also does work for both Evans Evaluation and Foundation for Family Life.

Ms. Nicole Anderson, M.S., works at Evans Evaluation as well.

Ms. Irene H. Ericksen, M.S., continues her work with IRE on an as-needed basis, responding to information requests and helping to complete several unfinished IRE publications.

Dr. Stan Weed still works at IRE but now focuses on character education, particularly on the development and promotion of the AEGIS character education curriculum.

Publications, white papers, and other contributions relating to abstinence education will be left on this site for the forseable future.


[IRE is no longer involved with abstinence education evaluation, however there is still much valuable information here.]

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We have developed a comprehensive, research-based character education program for grades K–6.

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[IRE is no longer involved with Marriage Initiatives, however a copy of the article by Drs. Birch, Weed, and Olsen is still here.]Learn More »

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